1st year computing students get £31,000 worth of training

Marc Grabanski, CEO of Frontend Masters, gave a donation of a 6-month membership to 199 students registered on the ECSC407 Web Technology module. Frontend Masters Training is a comprehensive set of workshop videos to be watched at a self-guided pace online.

The students have access to about 50h of video between now and the beginning of November. This includes the latest front-end web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, etc. These are a series of professional training videos delivered by renowned industry experts and book authors aimed at professional Web developers that would normally cost $39 per month per student.

This is a great opportunity for our students to keep up their learning with these engaging and extremely well delivered teaching videos during their long summer break. It will give them a great head-start and introduction to some of our taught material on front-end Web development and will hopefully pique their interest and encourage them to engage in self-learning.

The training material exposes the students to the latest technologies used in the industry, engages their interest in the field and encourages them to become part of the Web developer community. Furthermore, this is a great enhancement to our taught programmes and the type of collaboration we want to encourage with our industry partners.

Anne-Gaelle Colom says: “I was approached by the company who were keen for students to have access to this material, and I was happy to facilitate this. This is a real bonus for the students on this module, which consists of all the 1st year students on the computing courses, and I hope that they enjoy using this material and find it instructive and helpful for further improving their Web Development knowledge and skills.”

More details of Frontend Masters training can be found at http://frontendmasters.com

1st year computing students get £31,000 worth of training

The students in their revision lecture, receiving news of their free 6-month membership.