Release of Level 4 Performance Tracker Beta version

Every year, some Level 4 students fail to understand what they need to achieve in order to pass a module and/or progress to level 5. It seemed that the best way to help them understand this would be to provide them with an application with which they can experiment and explore various scenarios. Philip Trwoga and myself developed an iPad app as part of a WEX funded project a few years ago for students to record and predict their performance. I was keen to build on this by creating a Mobile Web version that would be accessible on both Mobile and Desktop browsers, which would also incorporate the University and Course regulations. I have just released the 1st version of this application, following some thorough testing from Registry and in particular Sarah O’Donoghue who has provided me with a lot of testing time and support regarding the university and course regulations.

The application has been designed and developed to be intuitive and simple to use. The student can choose a module from the left hand-side menu, and enter their mark using the sliders:

performance tool image 1

The application will tell them the module outcome, as well and the progress for this module (a tick in each checkbox is required to pass the module). After entering marks for all their modules, the student can review their Level 4 summary:

performance tool image 2

The final step is to view the year outcome by pressing the corresponding button:

performance tool image 3

Currently, this only works for students on the Computer Science, Software Engineering and Mobile and Web courses.

Future developments will include:

  • Provide the ability for students to enter referral marks,
  • Provide the ability for students to construct their course, and therefore make it usable by all students in the
  • Include level 5 and level 6 modules
  • Predict the final degree classification
  • Provide the ability to save the data