What I do…

University of Westminster

Teaching Fellow / Senior Lecturer


  • level 4: Web Technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML)
  • level 5: Advanced Client-side programming (JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI), Mobile Computing Principles (Mobile UX, HCI Principles, The Mobile User, XML, XSLT, jQuery Mobile, Geolocation, Google Map API)
  • level 6: Mobile User Experience (jQuery Mobile, HCI Principles, The Mobile User, Screen Design)

Scholarly Activities and Research

I am active in the area of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, and a member of the University Higher Education Research Group. I have lead or carried out many projects in this area, in particular around Game-Based Learning.

jQuery Foundation

Member of the Board of Directors

As the jQuery Mobile Documentation Lead, and a member of both the jQuery Mobile and jQuery Content teams, I am responsible for the jQuery Mobile API Documentation. I also contribute to the jQuery Mobile project, the jQuery Mobile Demo site, and maintain the jQuery Mobile site and the jQuery Mobile resources page. My role, as part of the jQuery Content team, is also to ensure that consistency is applied across all the jQuery sites (jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, QUnit) and API sites (jQuery core, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, QUnit), and that the code examples adhere to our coding standards and style guides. In addition to this, I carry out testing and bug triage for jQuery Mobile.